Colouring Pages Community Fundraiser

 Artist Call - colourful qathet collection


Please join us in creating the colourful qathet collection.


The colouring page project is to create an ongoing

fundraising opportunities for arts and culture in qathet.

The proceeds from this project will create a bursary fund

for youth and adult art classes and programs.

Thank you for supporting access for everyone to the arts!


All contributions will be included in the collection.

Artwork Contributions:

  • Please submit a pen or ink drawing

  • In black ink

  • on 8 ½ x 11 paper


Artwork can be:

  • Signed or anonymous.

  • Sent as a pdf, jpeg file

  • Original artwork can be brought

       to qathet Art Centre for duplication

       or register your contribution below.

The colouring pages will be printed on cardstock,to best receive the color medium of choice.


They will be available by donation at qathet Art Centre and various locations around town. 


The recommended donation will be individually for $1 each or the Makers Dozen for $10.


Any donations above the cost of supporting the colourful qathet collection 

will be used to support bursaries for youth and adult arts programming and artists in need.


Join this initiative

If your group, organization or arts collective would like to join this initiative to make other arts and culture fundraising opportunities with Colourful qathet Collection Collaborations, please contact

The community archive will be stored at qathet Art Centre.



This project was inspired by 

artist Meghan Hildebrand.