Let Your Flag Fly


Call for Radical Reimagining of the City of Powell River Flag


The flag design project is to promote individual creativity and inspire community discussion,

supporting the name change process for the City of Powell River with the Tla’amin Nation.


What image would you choose for a flag for our community?


Flag Ratio 1:2


Principles of Flag design

  • Keep it simple

  • Use meaningful

    • symbols, colours or patterns

  • 2 - 3 colours

  • No lettering or seals

  • Be distinctive


An image is worth a thousand words.            

       What image represents your home, people and place?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.         

       What symbol represents where you live?


Call for Flag Design:

  • is open until - to be determined, supporting the name change process.

  • unlimited entries per person, register your design.

  • reimagined flags will be on display at qathet Art Centre & social media anonymously. 


“If you had a great City flag, then you have a banner for people to rally under 

to face those more important things.” Ted Kaye - Good Flag, Bad Flag

Can you reimagine a new flag for our community?


In January 1972, our current flag became official.

Ora solis is Latin, meaning land of the sun.


Reference material:


NAVA - North American Vexillological Association



Principles of NAVA  Flag Design

  1. Keep it Simple 

  2. Use meaningful symbolism

  3. Use 2 - 3 basic colours

  4. No lettering or seals

  5. Be distinctive, be related or

       be meaningful

TED Talk - Roman Mars

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed | Roman Mars

“The marriage of good design and civic pride is something that we need in all places. They are an open source publicly owned design language of a community.” 



Ted Kaye - Good Flag, Bad Flag



Lou-Ann Neel Flag



Justin McElroy - Ranking Municipal flags of British Columbia, by NAVA standards

Burnaby is #1. Powell River is 112th of 130 municipal BC Flags.