Malaspina Art Society 


Incorporated as a society in 1991, and gaining charitable status in 1992, The Malaspina Art Society (MAS) is a charitable non-profit organization (BC Soc. # S0024070). MAS is also the custodian of the qathet Permanent Collection of Fine Art, which is valued at over $20,000. Most of the collection may be viewed in the halls of the University during open hours.


MAS Mission Statement

  • To operate an exhibition centre and public gallery as a cultural centre for the visual arts in the community;

  • To foster the development and understanding of all forms of art;

  • To educate the general public and students in the appreciation and understanding of visual arts;

  • To stimulate and encourage artistic growth and creativity in Powell River;

  • To improve the variety and quality of artistic expression in the area;

  • To stress diversity by including experimental and challenging forms of creative expression through exhibitions;

  • To initiate, support and administer a Public Art Collection that will represent and record the dominant cultural values and  creative expressions of a communal society living on the Sunshine Coast.