qathet ART at Vancouver Island University
Powell River Campus
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Chris Roberts

Opening September 2022

  Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30pm

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry",  quote from the poem by

 Robert Burns "to a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough", 1785


Like most folks at the beginning of the pandemic, all my plans went out the window. All normal life stopped and I needed something to keep me going.

Drawing did that for me. 

I chose the name for the show based on the breadth of subject matter I had painted since I began. Only on remembering the whole quote did I realize how apropos it was, how most people had had their plans altered by the plague. It resulted in me taking this path, exploring portraiture and still life. This exhibition shows my progress from pencil drawing to water colour and then acrylic paint as well as my use of different painting substrates, paper, canvas, wood , and aluminum. My source material for inspiration started out being solely photographs gleaned from the internet. Lately, I have added drawing on things from nature, objects I find in my life here, plants and birds and animals. Most of these pieces are on found wood or bits sourced from friend's reclamation piles.

qathet Permanent Collection
Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30pm

The permanent collection of visual arts was founded in 1999.


The collection continues to grow, with donations made by artists of their own work and from work purchased from artists for the purpose of making a gift to the collection. It is currently comprised of 24 two-dimensional works, in a variety of media.  

Since August of 2000, part or all of the permanent collection has been on view for the general public and visitors. In October 2004, the collection was exhibited during the regular season, to promote its importance to the Powell River community in the Cultural Capitals Celebration 2004-04 throughout qathet region.

qathet ART & MAS are committed to ensuring that the collection will grow to a substantial and important body of works, representing visual arts of the Sunshine Coast. This collection will become an attraction for visitors, an art education tool for the schools and general public, and a tool to promote and support artistic expression and artists in the region.

The Permanent collection contains works from the following artists:

Michael Dobson

Murray Devlin

Alfred Muma

Debbie Dan

Doris Kramer

Alfred Hanson

Harald Jensen

Peter Gynd

Vi Isaac

Amanda Martinson

Mischa Brooks Thoma

Lyla Smith 

Wendy Halliday

Louise Gloslee


Lee Mackenzie


Amber Friedman

Gordon Smith

William Alexander

Janet Blair

Alice Jean MacKay

Ursula Medley

Shirley Lyster

Lorene Cecconi

Adam Cramb

Joyce Furness

Liliana Kleiner

Lenora Sattmann

Niel Mc Wee

Grace Taylor

Robert Colasanto

Alexene Silver

Caroline Jobe

Megan Hildebrand

Paul Paiero

Ida Osborn


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