2022 - qathet ART & Malaspina Art Society

The Board and Members of Malaspina Art Society have been intrinsic and supportive of the qathet Art Council in the research and development of the qathet Art Centre since its foundational day in 2018. The partnership of both organizations has brought many opportunities to the qathet region.


Over the remainder of 2022, the goal of both organizations will be to merge toward amalgamation at the next Annual General Meeting in early 2023.

Discussions between the two organizations will take place with the goal of stronger working relationships and a unified vision coming from the meetings. The province has provided support through an Arts Impact fund for aligning the organizations and implementing new systems for success. Through collaboration and partnership, the two organizations have been able to handle small (and large) hurdles over the past three years. Solidifying the partnership in a formal way will give MAS and qA the necessary focus and impetus to develop and renew the organizations. The work will be done with due respect to the rules and regulations governing both organizations, as Malaspina Art Society is a charity and both are not for profits. Only by involving legal and accounting expertise to guide the necessary steps will an improved arts sector emerge to further community, professional, visual and multidisciplinary arts for the region.

Malaspina Art Society and qathet ART have already started the discussions about sharing roles in developing an arts information hub. One of the first things to see the merge will be the 2 existing websites, social media and communications. The website called Art Powell River will be phased out and updated with an updated site called qathet Art. This will eliminate duplicate services that both organizations are providing currently and provide a wider reach of arts related activities and information to the community.

Our hopes are to see the impact overall in:

  • utilizing resources

  • creating a central hub for information

  • improving communications

  • building a cohesive plan for the future of arts in qathet

We could also see changes in:

  • shared equipment, programming, volunteers, sponsors, locations and donors.

  • increased and sustainable organizational capacities, as well as streamlined human (Board Members and Volunteers) and financial resources.

  • coordinated approach to arts programming in the region that reduces volunteer burnout and attracts new champions.

  • capacity building to serve a wider audience, increase engagement and maximize resources.