Cultural AdaptaTIONS

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Symposium Exhibition
September 14th to October 16th 2021

The symposium and exhibition will explore radical reimagining of land relations and the role of the arts in disrupting the status quo.

Please join us to create a current snapshot of our arts and culture communities.

schedule of events:

  • Cultural Planning Roundtable -  Sept 14@6pm @gallery/youtube

    • Cindy Elliott, City of Powell River Councillor - Arts and Culture Portfolio

    • Tara O'Donnell, City of Powell River Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture

    • Laura Love & Joelle Sevigny, Powell River Historical Museum and Archives


  • Watery Methodologies Talk with Emma Morgan-Thorpe,

             Sept 21@1pm @gallery/youtube


  • Collective Wading, with Dr Jeremy Buhay

             Sept 23, 10:30am, @Teeskwat river access


  • ArtRaven Family Program on art and the environment,

             7 sessions, various locations, tba

  • Eco Costumes - 1 to 3pm at The Art Centre on October 16th

  • Arts Roundtable - Galleries and Art Collectives

             October @ gallery/zoom

@ The Art Centre Public Gallery

     Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, noon to 5pm

                  September 14th to October 16th


  • Arts and Environment Media Reel

  • Live|Stream Soundbath Installation 

  • qathet Flag Jam 

  • Postcard Vision project 

  • Tla’amin Place Name Project with PRHMA and Tla’amin Nation 

  • Artists of qathet Colouring Pages

Public Engagement Focus

● How would you actively engage, support and champion the arts & culture sector as a key player in the sustainability charter, green recovery and climate action? 

○ How can we do this together? 

● How are we creatively responding to stressors in our environment?

ie. pandemic, sea level rise, housing, etc. 

○ Creative think tank addressing environmental and social issues 

○ Input on approaches that disrupt contested landscapes 


● How can the arts and culture sector support decolonization and reconciliation ideas and actions with the Tla’amin Nation and Indigenous People? 

○ How can we do this together? 


● What is our cultural ecosystem? 

○ Place making a current snapshot of our diverse creative community  

○ Land relations, dialogue and discussions 

○ Ideas around healthy ecosystems and management