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Yeonmi Kim

July - November 2022
at Powell River Public Library

In the Library

is a partnership of qathet ART and PR Public Library

8-1_Staind Plastic_ 10''x28″ Recycled Plastic Packages, Acrylic, Thread_2022.JPG

About Sewstainability

My recent artwork is mainly discarded plastic packages sewn to create 2d panels addressing  environmental changes, means of production and sustainable living. 

Many of the works in my recent series are produced by sewing recycled plastic packages to  produce 2D wall pieces of maps showing locations that are suffering the severe effects of  climate change. The mapping started with reflections on my personal and cultural history as  an immigrant to Canada , cultural differences and my unique experience. I started using  recycled plastic packaging due to the volume of material in our household waste, and its  resilient colour and materialize.  


While some of the maps are more autobiographic than others, the underlying narrative  addresses the climate crisis, consumerism and capitalism by the use of found and discarded  material. Our cultural habits and values in the individual and collective come into question. I'm offering suggestions by creating unique, engaging and thought provoking artwork by carbon  neutralizing means of production. 

The series called Sewstainablility also includes work that addresses the threats to our oceans  from both the climate crisis and plastic pollution. This series of work is a reflection of the value of finding balance and living well on a daily basis.

About the artist

Yeonmi Kim was raised in Seoul, South Korea, and received a BFA before working in the fashion industry then interior design. Her experience includes visual merchandising, painting, craft work, and woodwork including furniture design. She also designs and sews upholstery and clothing.


She immigrated to Canada in 2013 and now works as a visual artist based in Powell River, BC.


Circular Economy Art Glean!
Ocean Clean!

This summer qathet ART is partnering up with Let’s Talk Trash to divert shoreline plastic from our waste stream in a Salish Sea Art Glean project. We are holding an Art Challenge during July and August that involves repurposing stuff from your own beach gleaning or the Oceans Plastic Depot at Augusta Recyclers.

Please email qathetart@gmail.com to learn the required best drop off and diversion practices for the Ocean Plastic Depot. Or contact the Let's Talk Trash team at letstalktrashteam@gmail.com to support our regional champions of shoreline cleanup!

Send us before and after photos photo of your creation and we will be offering prizes and exhibition opportunities.

We will be posting materials found from site specific shoreline cleanups and inspiration photos throughout the summer.

[photo: shoreline cleanup site/Hardy Island]

Accepted items at the Ocean Plastics Depot:


Ocean Art Glean Challenge Inspiration

Catherine Ostler turned a salvaged rope into beautiful handwoven rugs.  Share your ocean gleaned art creations with us!

qathet ART is seeking information from creatives on their studio, living and working needs in qathet. Thank you for helping to create a snapshot of where we are at! Information will be used for a report about needs for accessible spaces for artists. It's short and sweet-6 questions! Thank you for participating if you can!